Mterning at Mckinney

The Prologue to end all prologues:

What is the Mternship? It's the trailer for the movie that you're dying to see. It's a sneak peek at agency life in all its horror and glory. And as an Mtern, sure, you're an intern. But you're also a worker, a collaborator, a youthful shot in the arm. You're a fresh perspective, a valued new opinion and a privileged Pub Thursday or Bar Cart Friday patron. You're now a member of the team responsible for Samsung's Kristen & Dax spots, Sennheiser's somewhat creepy ear-loving Urbanite, The Bright Side of CarMax, and the Crocs #FindYourFun campaign. You're getting a preview of what you could be in your advertising career. Make the Mternship the prologue to your story. Join us.

Asher Lipsitz
Amari Lilton
Arman Shah
Ben Kraft
Jessica Barfield
Jenna Guswiler
Kimberly Halberg
Kathy Huang
Kacy Rhyne
Madison Myers
Meaghan McFarland
Nikita Eliseev
Patrick Newman
Rachel Sheeran
Sophia Marchington
Ted Oh

Internships available in:


You are a storyteller. You spin words into poems, jokes, raps, tweets and stories. You're a dreamer gone wild, doodling, designing and creating spectacular visuals and compelling digital experiences. You're destined to be a Creative Mtern in copywriting, art direction or creative technology, helping the Creative department dream up great ideas.


Account Management
You are a business expert. A problem solver. A people person. And a leader. You are great at building brands — as well as relationships. As an Account Management Mtern, you help identify needs, articulate client opportunities and assist in successfully presenting big ideas.


Broadcast Production
For you, an idea is just an idea until you make it real. Or reel, ha-ha! (Sorry.) You've always been a leader capable of managing teams. As a Broadcast Production Mtern, you assess the feasibility of bringing great ideas to life and execute the creation of great work.


Interactive Production
You possess a Swiss Army knife of skill sets. You're a great communicator, motivator and project manager, and you're not afraid to learn more about almost anything digital — because you'll have to. As an Interactive Production Mtern, you work across all facets of the business and are responsible for helping deliver digital awesomeness.


At a minimum, you straight-up love three things: people, culture and the creative process. You're very observant. You figure out what makes people tick. You look for patterns and connections. You're interested in just about everything but completely obsessed with very little. And you like to dream about how life could be different — in a good way. As a Planning Mtern, your work is the launchpad for the creation of influential work.


You are detail-oriented with an artist's eye. You're a very visual person but also organized and great at multitasking — like, really great at multitasking. As a Studio Mtern, you help organize and manage McKinney's production projects and assets.


Agency Communications
You are Agency Communications' secret weapon. You're a social native, ace writer and brilliant communicator who lives to share McKinney's story. This team is nimble, and your "yes we can" attitude means you'll be pitching stories — whether the tweetable, postable kind or the long-form narrative kind — for McKinney readers and the world's eyes.


New Business
As a Business Development Mtern, you help research and analyze agency prospects and help coordinate New Business. You can lead presentations and have a flair for debate. You are fearless yet pragmatic, and very articulate when expressing your ideas, helping win new clients and ensuring the future success of the agency.


Social Media
As a Social Media Mtern, you navigate the sea of social media sameness to help develop innovative, shareable social efforts for brands. You are a storyteller, a multitasker and a great communicator. You love the world of shares, likes and hashtags, but what really gets you going is the idea of connecting people through the power of digital.


Project Management
If you've built a timeline for your Mtern application, we wouldn't be surprised. (Actually, we'd love to see it!) You know how to lead a team and somehow you make it all look easy. As a Project Management Mtern, you'll work with every department to make sure the best creative work goes out the door.

Consumer &

Consumer Business and Insights
You've never lost an argument because you know ALL of the data. You're a research savant interested in discovering what makes consumers tick and tracking our work to see its influence out in the world. As a Consumer & Business Insights Mtern, you'll make sense of mountains of data to deliver key insights to all of McKinney's departments.

Useful Information

Application Window
Summer Session
We begin accepting applications for our Summer Mternship on February 1 and close on February 28. A scholarship recipient will be chosen for the summer semester. Check back for details, deadlines, and how to apply on February 1.
Course Credit
To be eligible for the McKinney internship program, you must be a full-time undergraduate/graduate student or a recent graduate. Mternships are paid, and course credit is not required to participate in the program.
We are one agency with two doors, one in New York and one in Durham, North Carolina. Mternships are available in both our NYC and Durham offices. Explore our office.